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sexta-feira, 18 de maio de 2012

King Of Pop: The China Collection

Na China, a coletânea ''King Of Pop: The China Collection'' será re-lançada. O cd-duplo contém 28 faixas escolhida pelos fãs daquele país: CD 1 01. Billie Jean (比利 简) 02. Bad (真棒) 03. Say Say Say (说吧 说吧 说吧) 04. Thriller (颤栗) 05. Ghosts 幽灵 06 Will You Be There (你愿那样做吗) 07. Heal The World (拯救世界) 08. Jam (困境) 09. Scream (尖叫) 10. I Just Can't Stop Loving You (止不住的爱恋) 11. Black Or White 是黑是白 12. They Don't Care About Us 他们不在乎我们 13. Come Together 一起来吧 14. We Are The World (Demo) (天下一家) CD 2 01. Beat It (避开) 02. Dangerous (危险) 03. Dirty Diana (调皮的戴安娜) 04. You Are Not Alone (你不孤独 05. Remember The Time (铭记那时刻) 06. The Way You Make Me Feel (你给我的感觉) 07. Man In The Mirror (镜中的男人) 08. Earth Song (地球之歌) 09. She's Out Of My Life (她离开了我的生活) 10. The Girls Is Mine (这女孩是我的) 11. You Rock My World (天旋地转) 12. Wanna Be Startin ' Somethin' (想要开始什么) 13. Billie Jean 2008 (比利 简 2008) 14. Thriller Megamix (Radio Edit) (颤栗 经典荟萃) Mj Beats

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